Recommend to Beginner !

Recommend 2 easy to use drawing boards and drawing screens.

AP1060.The price of this hand-painted tablet of AP1060 can be said to be the price of cabbage, and the functions of pressure, reading speed and sensing speed are very good.
This board can draw a lot of space, the whole board is large and ultra-thin, weighs only 1.15kg, and there are not two apples. I like to go out to paint or love to run around the world with a board. This is really suitable!

The AP1303 hand-painted screen can be said to restore the feeling of drawing on paper to the greatest extent. The brush imitates the real tilting brush, and the small partner who is accustomed to using a real brush such as a pencil can use this screen to slant the drawing completely;
Moreover, hand-painted screen painting is easier to use than hand-painted boards, and newcomers with enough budget can directly enter this hand-painted board.
Whether you want to build a model, do a graphic design, or draw an illustration, this hand-painted screen can fully satisfy you, the color can fully meet the requirements of high color requirements, the screen adopts full-fit screen technology, visually more Comfortable, reducing the parallax between the cursor and the nib!

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