Digital Tablet Setting Installation Method

Tablet introduction
Digital tablet, also known as hand-painted board, electronic drawing board, computer hand-painted board, computer drawing board, computer drawing hand-painted board, electronic drawing board, drawing board, digital drawing board, computer drawing board, digital drawing board, computer drawing board, electronic hand-painted board, Computer tablet, electronic drawing board, electronic tablet, digital drawing board, digital drawing board, digital drawing board, drawing board, electric drawing board, computer drawing board, also the most commonly called “board” by the painters, consists of a board And a pressure-sensitive pen. Used for painting creation, just like the painter’s drawing board and brush, the tablet’s drawing function is incomparable with keyboard and handwriting tablet, and also allows you to get back the feeling of drawing on paper with a pen. The tablet is mainly aimed at design, art-related professional teachers and students, advertising companies and design studios, and Flash vector animation producers.

How to setting it?

(1) If your computer has previously installed drivers for other tablets, you need to remove them from the control panel, then restart the computer, and then install the drivers for the new board, otherwise conflicts will occur and you will not be able to use them.
(2) Then you can start connecting to the tablet. The system will prompt you to find new hardware and automatically install a system driver. After that, the tablet should be able to be used as a normal mouse, but there is no pressure sensitivity. If it cannot be used as a normal mouse, there may be a problem with the operating system USB device driver. You may need to reinstall the system. Without this step, the following will not work.
(3) Install the driver, you just go to the Acepen Support page to download the corresponding driver.
(4) Restart the computer after installing the driver. If the driver icon appears in the lower right corner of the computer, it is OK, you can open the drawing software and start drawing. If there is no small icon, it is estimated that some processes of the driver are banned by anti-virus software. You can change the ban to start.
When our pressure pen is used on the tablet, it can be absolutely positioned. There is pressure in the drawing software, which means that the driver is installed. Start your close contact with the tablet!

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