Selection Factors for the Pen Display

  1. “Thin” is the mainstream
    As the way of using the painting screen is mainly to hold the board in one hand and the pen in the other, as we usually use the drawing board, lean the product on the shelf or hold it in the arms. If the product is thicker, it will seriously affect the feeling of use, so we are choosing Be sure to choose a thinner product when buying, and it is best to have inclined design on the four sides, which will be easier to hold.
  2. Widescreen and viewing angles cannot be ignored
    Because mainstream drawing software now habitually design control panels for various tools and functions on both sides of the interface, and these panels will occupy a part of the painting area, so it is easier to choose a widescreen product to obtain a larger painting area. In addition, in order to obtain a finer and larger picture, the higher the resolution of the screen, the better.
  3. The painting screen is mainly used for professional drawing. Professional drawing has high requirements for color accuracy. Because it is often used at an angle when holding it, the LCD screen must have a large viewing angle to ensure that it can be used at an angle The picture will not be distorted. Therefore, when purchasing products, it is best to prepare a colorful picture. After opening the picture, look at the screen from the front and side to see if there is distortion.

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