The Step to Use Graphic Tablet/Graphic Monitor

The first step is to install the driver.
Install the driver of the corresponding Windows and Mac version on Acepen’s suport page.

First, install the program on your computer.
The second step is to connect the digital tablet /digital display.
Take out the digital tablet / digital display connection cable, insert one end into the computer, and the other end into the digital tablet / digital monitor to complete the connection.
The third step is to open the digital tablet / digital monitor properties program.
First of all, you need to open the properties program of the hand-painted board. You can see a lot of settings in the properties.
The fourth step is to adjust the relevant values of the hand-painted board.
In the properties, you need to adjust the pen’s sensitivity and pressure.
The fifth step is to start drawing after the adjustment is completed.
Open the drawing software, and you can use the freehand drawing board just like drawing on white paper.

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