FAQ for Acepen Drawing Tablet/Drawing Monitor

1. My pen cannot move the cursor and cannot be used instead of a mouse. What should I do?

(1). Check if the USB cable is normal.

If the indicator light on the tablet is blinking, it indicates that it is not connected well. Please check whether the data cable is plugged in firmly or replace other USB ports on the computer.

(2). Check if the computer has drivers for other brands of tablet

If the computer has drivers for tablets of other brands, you must uninstall them all, restart the computer, and re-download the Acepen driver on the Acepen website, otherwise there will be conflicts and the pen will not work

2.When My tablets connects to the computer, the cursor of stylus can not move,How I     should do ?

(1). Please make sure your USB cable has connected to computer tightly? If not,     please connect it.  If yes, please try to unplug and re-plug it to another USB port, or  change another USB cable.

(2) When the stylus is far away from the sensitive height of the tablet, please check  the LED light of the tablet is on or off. If it always blinks, please unplug and plug again or try to connect it to another USB port.

(3). Try to remove the driver and reboot the computer. When the system  returns to   the desktop, please connect the tablet to the computer directly (doesn’t need install driver) and test whether you can use the stylus to control the cursor or not.

(4). If the stylus also can’t control the cursor even you have not installed the driver , please try to test the tablet using another computer. When the problem still exists,    there should be a hardware problem .

3.My pen is not pressure sensitive, but it can be used instead of a mouse. Why?

(1). Check if the setup driver is installed on the computer

If Driver not installed: Download and install the driver for this device and restart the computer.If had Downloaded drivers: Check whether there is a small driver icon on the right  side of the taskbar of the computer. If there is no small icon, the driver may be prevented from starting by anti-virus security software on the computer. Please uninstall the driver first, re-install it, and close the software before installation.

(2)If there is no pressure on a certain drawing software, there is a problem with the drawing software settings or configuration.

4. If my pen tablet is not working, how do I determine whether it is caused by a    hardware or software malfunction?

If your pen tablet is malfunctioning, do the following:

(1).Connect your pen tablet to a different computer. If the pen tablet functions properly then the issue is a “driver conflict” with the system file or application.

(2).The pen tablet LED light should indicate a malfunction. Pressing the pen  tip on  the pen tablet should activate the LED light on tablet, this indicates the hardware is  in proper working .

With the pen placed away from pen tablet area press the pen barrel button,if the LED light is on, this indicates the hardware is in proper working.

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