Acepen Technology’s  history began when the limited resources tried to make pressure on one’s creativity and talent. The founder  of our company faced this problem when he was just a beginner. Having an unlimited imagination and a lot of wonderful ideas, he could not bring them into life in the best way because of the device prices. Studying every detail of the problem from inside, his biggest goal became making the best tablets with the most suitable and reachable price possible. He says, 

“Price should not become a boundary for art. Every artist deserves to work with the best devices.  Work your imagination, create bravely, use the best devices.”

After all  Acepen Technology co., LTD. has become an excellent digital handwriting recognition technology supplier. Through years of effort and innovation, now Acepen is a leading supplier of digital screen system, digital schoolbag solutions and digital interface solutions. It takes the human-computer interaction interface for a perfect experience as the vision with the most humanized magnetically controlled input mode. 

Being the most humanized touch technology, now Acepen technology is widely used in creative design, banking and finance, digital education, medical and other service industry, and tablet computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics.

There is no limitation for your creativity. We do believe that with the help of our products you will bring your imagination into life. Your creativity would make difference in the world and that is what keeps us moving.


High Sense of Comfort & Quality

Our professional R&D Team does its best to find out the demands of the customers, to design and create products that will meet the requirements of the pickiest customer.

Premium Customer Support Service

Everyone knows the importance of a good customer support. Providing premium customer support is one of our top priorities. We are glad to assist our customers with any issue they have.

Very Reasonable Prices

Since our mission is to help our customers to create without boundaries, we have set up comparatively low prices for our devices. It's almost impossible to find another high quality-low price devices in the market.